The Body Builder Project

What is the Body Builder Project?  Every day people who have taken responsibility to build the body that serves & supports them.  This peer interview series I will chat with people who are living every day lives and have implemented fitness and nutrition routines to better themselves. This project is designed to share stories ofContinue reading “The Body Builder Project”

Guided Meditation

Thank you to everyone who has participated in and enjoyed the journaling series.  I certainly enjoyed the experience for myself.   What I’ve been practicing I’ve been practicing listening to my instincts and going with them.  For the journaling series this meant listening for the first response I received after asking for the guidance.  IContinue reading “Guided Meditation”

Healing Breakthrough

DISCLAIMER:  As a Leadership Coach I am not a trained healer.  I am a trained Ontological Leadership Coach.  While healing is a part of the process of personal development properly trained healing professionals (Psychotherapist, Reikki, etc) would be recommended.   I’ve often heard personal development referred to as peeling back layers of an onion.  AsContinue reading “Healing Breakthrough”

2020 Phrase For the Year

For 2019  I chose my phrase to be “Drastically Different” and boy has this year been different.   It is still surreal to me that I actually live in California.  It’s something I thought would never come true for me.  But, after plummeting temperatures and turning 40, I chose California!  I bought a 1-way ticketContinue reading “2020 Phrase For the Year”

Don’t Believe Everything You Think

I woke up one morning with thoughts in my head.  1 was that my friend lived off of a specific train stop, the other that anyone working in a certain industry were not active.  These thoughts specifically were challenged that morning.  And I laughed out loud at the example right in front of me.  Continue reading “Don’t Believe Everything You Think”