2020 Phrase For the Year

For 2019  I chose my phrase to be “Drastically Different” and boy has this year been different.  

It is still surreal to me that I actually live in California.  It’s something I thought would never come true for me.  But, after plummeting temperatures and turning 40, I chose California!  I bought a 1-way ticket and here I still am!  I still have a roof over my head, clothing, new coat & food to eat on a regular basis.  Not to mention good people, regular family style meals and lots of home brewed beer!  I honestly could not have asked for anything more.  

I’ve hired a new coach who is also an Astrologer & Reiki Healer.  I chose this person with full intention.  I am present to energy leaks in my growth.  Energy leaks are those moments when you cannot make the shift to be how you choose to be because of some part of you or your history that requires healing.  In order to level up one must continue to heal and peal back more layers.  Sometimes the healing requires support.  I’ve had therapy, Reiki & other types of healing work to continue to level up in my growth and work.  I’m thrilled to be open to learning from this coach.  

I also know from studying astrology and from following what’s up in the world today that 2020 will be a year of significant change world wide.  2020 is also a summer Olympics year and I remember when the cycle of athletic preparation began.  

with all that and so much more I’ve put a lot of thought and meditation into what I want my phrase to be for 2020.  

Energetic Alignment

What do I want more than anything?  To share all that I’ve learned from several years of hiring coaches, coach & personal transformation education & lots of study into healing and growth.  

I want to educate, support and empower others to dive in!  I also want to work with other practitioners to combine our skill sets and create fun events.  

I want to continue fitness training.  I’m still after those 5k’s, and triathlons!  I continue to hone my nutrition and be attentive to what my body asks for.  

In the area of relationships: I will continue to broaden my community in the Bay Area.  I will be dating more and use my “Conditions of Satisfaction” to find a romantic relationship in 2020.  

So much to come in the next year, I am super pumped and thrilled to be starting the year in California.  I am empowered that I made my dream come true!  

I invite you to have some celebrations! What did you achieve in 2019?  What brought you joy this last year? 

And what will you create in 2020?  What will. Bring you joy?  

I’d also like to invite you to establish support for those things you’re up to.  Coaching is only 1 method of getting support to get after your joy.  I am here to support you with a whole new perspective and new services to provide! 

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