Effortless Joy

I’m going to let this weekends social media posts do some talking for me: 


From an achy body to earinhearing the pain

Just over 10 years ago I was in so much physical & mental pain I could barely function.  I remember spending days in bed because moving seemed out of reach.  

“I can’t imagine functioning today”. I can remember myself saying.  I wanted to function, do the projects I said I was gonna do.  But I couldn’t find it within me because my body ached or my mental state was in to much pain to do tasks. 

Within the last few years I’ve opened up to the idea that my body and my brain have messages for me to hear.  It hurts for a reason.  Maybe it’s a legit injury but sometimes it’s unexplainable pain.  

How many of you can relate to unexplainable pain? 

As I embark on the next level up of my energetic healing journey I am very present to the days when I could not imagine getting out of bed, to now when I follow the flow of my own energy.  I embrace & empower the energy of my being.  I empower restful days and focused task completion days similarly knowing that my body & brain know what they need in each moment.  

What is your response when your being asks for a rest day? Do you force yourself forward, or listen to it’s message?  What is your interpretation of an unexplained pain? Do you slow down and hear it, or rush into traeating it to return to life? None of these questions is to make you right or wrong, but to simply create awareness.  

I love you dear followers.  


How to hire a coach

I have been working with life coaches for most of the last 10 years.  In 2017-18 I became a trained leadership coach.  During that program I also experienced my own transformative coaching.  It was likely the most consistent coaching I had ever taken on.

In 2019, when I bought my 1-way ticket to California I knew support was required.  I hired a coach who was from the Midwest.& had also moved to CA.  I hired her because she was where I wanted to be.  For several months she supported my massive transition from midwesterner to west coaster!  It was 1 hell of an amazing journey.  

In December I was feeling a bit lost, I had not been hired for a job I really wanted and was very disappointed!  I knew 2020 was gonna be a crazy year.  I studied Astrology & had been working with my own body energy.  I wanted a coach who was doing all of that.  I asked around and everyone had the same answer for the best Coach for me.  I am still working with her as a coach & am about to start training in Reiki with her.  

So,  how do you hire a coach?  Find a person who aligns with where you want to go.  Want a higher position in your company, find a leadership coach familiar with that process.  Want to fall in love with your life unconditionally, find a person with so much joy it makes you ask if they’re ever down! Haha.  Want to write a book? Want to learn about Universal life energy? Whatever you are looking to strive for in your life, that’s the type of Coach you should hire.  

I am a coach and if you are looking to experience love, joy and self acceptance on a whole different level…I am your person!!  Because here I am with Stay at Home orders in Arizona the absolute happiest I’ve ever fucking been!!    

I love you, I love me and I love this life I chose!  

For those of you who have known me awhile I do not hide my physical pain nor have I ever hidden my mental illness/depression pain.  I continue to experience both to some degree, but I wanted to share these messages to convey that my joy & happiness now outweighs the pain I have experienced most of my life.  

I’m choosing to write this as an illustration.  We are all shifting internally through this time & space.  I know I have made some massive progress in my being just in the past month.  

Here are a few practices I have honed in on throughout the last couple of months. 

Daily prayer, meditation & quiet time. 

Extremely limited media consumption. 

Extremely limited TV/movie watching. 

Read books more. 

Creative projects more. 

Walk outside more, especially in the grass. 

Support my healthy immune system. 

And so much more. 

What I’m present to in that list is how most of them support my own internal being.  I invite you to look within.  As everyone is shifting, it’s a good time to just be with yourself so that being with others wherever they are in this is a bit easier.  

I think I will leave it here.  There’s a million more things I could say about this time & space.  But I’ll end with my own level of joy. A level I worked extra hard to achieve, but a level that in the last months has seemed effortless to attain.  

**1 final note, during the composition of this blog post a bonus piece of greatness came into my space!! My joy, happiness & gratitude have never been this consistently high. **

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