Journaling Series

How are you feeling throughout all this?  

Is anything coming up for you around this lockdown and isolation 

Things are spiking up for me like crazy.  I want to keep providing opportunities for you during all of this.  

I have mentioned journaling and meditation multiple times to lots of different people.  It occurs to me then, that I should step up my own journaling game! 

I’m going to offer a 7 day journaling series.  

What is the 7 day journaling series? 

For 7 days straight I will come live in my Facebook group and give you a journaling prompt.  I will get this prompt from my morning meditation.  I often receive prompts from spirit guides during meditation and now I will be sharing them with you.  

What will I need to participate? 

A way of writing.  However this works for you.  I use a word processing program, you can use electronic writing or paper & pen or Braille or whatever supports you.  No one will e watching you journal so there’s no judgement.  

Where can I get the daily prompts? 

For right now I will post them on Facebook & instagram.  I plan to evolve this project to support a wider availability.  However,  if you are interested & not on social media we can work something out.  Please respond to me and ask me to provide an alternative for you.  

Wednesday April 15.  I will start with a 7 days stretch and move forward from there.  

Please let me know if you have questions or need support.  

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