Welcome Back


It has been a whirlwind of a start to 2020!  

I’ve relocated back to southern IL where my family lives.  I did this on a nudge from the Universe.  As soon as I had the idea I was immediately in tears!  It’s always been an option but I’ve resisted it for various reasons.  

This time I took the nudge.  

I conquered so many fears in California:

  • Heights
  • No financial safety net
  • fitness challenges

But my biggest fear has been coming back home and being trapped here!  It was not a life I intended to live.  Here I am to try this life on for size.  

I have many plans and intentions and lots of opportunities near and far to continue exploring.  

Welcome back to me and to my blog and to my newsletter.  Thanks for your patience during my hiatus.  

Stay tuned for upcoming posts!  

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