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Divinely You Core Beliefs

  • You have unique gifts & talents to share with this world.  
  • You have creativity within you and your creativity is unique for you.  
  • You are in charge of your happiness & joy and what that looks like for you is unique for you.  
  • You are meant to be in this world in this time and in this space.  How you interact with this world is unique for you.  

These are my core. Beliefs for developing and growing my coaching practice, podcast, books and Reiki practice.  My intention is to grow this is a brand and as a company.  I look forward to the future with Divinity, Vivacity and Joy!  

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Diviniely You Podcast

The Body Builder Project

The Body Builder Project peer interview series, graphic

What is the Body Builder Project? 

Every day people who have taken responsibility to build the body that serves & supports them.  This peer interview series I will chat with people who are living every day lives and have implemented fitness and nutrition routines to better themselves. This project is designed to share stories of how and what people chose to take on to improve their lives.  

Everyone has a what for, whether it’s unexplainable health conditions or improving their overall well being.  

Please join me on my personal facebook page on Wednesday evenings and hear these stories.  

Interviews begin August 19!  

What is Reiki?

What is Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “universal life energy”.  

From reiki.org

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. So Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy.”

What is a session like? 

As a client receiving Reiki is meditative.  You show up to the session similar to showing up to a meditation or a massage.  As a client you are invited to share anything that might be causing you pain or discomfort either mentally or physically.  You are then invited to lay down on a massage table.  The Reiki practitioner will go to work.  You will be asked if you prefer hands on or hands off treatment.  the session can last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.  You might experience burping, yawning, you might feel the urge to cough or clear your throat.  You might even doze off during the session.  All of this is ok and is simply energy moving through your body.  

At the end of the session the Reiki Practitioner will “disconnect” from you and invite you to take your time to sit up, take a drink fo water and come back to present.  The practioner will go wash their hands.  

For a virtual session, all the same except it’s via a video conference call.  

My beliefs about Reiki: 

For me, Reiki aligns with me because I believe that our emotional traumas show up as physical pain or ailments.  Personally, for years I have experienced debilitating bouts of back and hip pain.  I could have gone to medical specialists and what not.  I have been through a few rounds of physical therapy.  However, I’ve always felt this pain was associated with some sort of emotional trauma or blockage of my mental state.  I now practice using Reiki to move energy through my system to relieve the pain in my back & hips.  

It’s my belief that our physical bodies are often a messenger for our mental and emotional well being.  

I have had some great experiences offering Reiki virtually.  If you have more questions please feel free to ask me.  I welcome anyone and everyone to a Reiki session and please share this post to inform others.  

Read Testimonials here

Energetic Flow

I’ve been in a large practice of really flowing with my energy & neglecting time.  

There are a few pieces to write here.  I’ll leave it to my spirit guides to give me the words to express to you.  

Back story

I grew up in a farm type family.  Most family members woke up between 5:30 & 7 am.  They either had household chores or had a day job.  None of my cousins took naps, just me or my brothers.  And when we did rest people would call us lazy.  As adults my brothers have mostly worked nights.  They have both preferred it because they could either sleep or tackle their hobbies during the day.  Yes, this sometimes meant some pretty weird sleep deprivation for them, but they seem to like it.  

I personally, have often worked day jobs and have struggled to even enjoy them.  I never enjoyed commuting, I am not a morning person and would frequently get in trouble for falling asleep mid afternoon.  

All the while I had it in my head that I was all kinds of bad things if I wanted to do life any other way.  I was lazy or whatever else.  

Fast forward

here I am in Arizona, the oven of the US.  While most of the area has reopened, I’m still spending a lot of time at home.  

I decided to simply flow with my energy instead of beating myself for whatever time of day it is.  The practice is multi faceted.  

It’s a practice of self kindness & compassion.  

It’s a practice of energy flow.  

It’s a practice of leaning into the astrology going on.  

It’s a practice of learning to communicate with my Angels & spirit guides.  

*For more on each of these aspects please become a Patron on Patreon.  

As it turns out, I work better later in the day or even into the night hours.  I sometimes still work early in the morning & might split my day and work another few hours at night.  

What I like about this is it allows me to fully embrace where I am in the moment.  

As a Coach seeking clients, I love that this will open me up to receiving creative, spiritual  clients who may also be on an energy flow routine.  What I’m present to with routine Is that instead of forcing myself awake early in the morning.  I wake up more naturally, I routine right into my day.  I have coffee & a meal.  I have items that I have selected to work on for the day.  I give give time frames for them. Instead of saying from 9-10 I’m going to work on this project.  I say I’m going to work on that project for 1 hour.  I do sometimes set a timer.  

When we are taught at a young age that something is a certain way, we criticize ourselves for that thing.  I had been taught that sleeping any way other than at night was a bad thing.  I was criticized and teased for napping.  

Yes, I nap a lot, yes I sleep unconventional hours.  AND I am very productive during the times I am awake.  

Visit my Services page for availability or Contact Me for inquiries.

My Ego

It’s time for me to WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!  I’ve been sleeping and I am ready to make some shifts.  

My ego has been ruling me because I’ve been breaking up & shattering my previous beliefs systems.  My humanity got scared.  

This happens for all of us!  We all make some growth & then shift back into some old patterns because those old patterns feel safe.  Those old patterns are comfortable. Familiar.  

But to get where we wanna get in this life, we gotta break up with & shatter those old patters….AND THEN we gotta show them who’s boss!! 

And this has effected my business for far to long.  I’ve got a lot of knowledge, tools & structures to support you in getting after the life you want for yourself.  And what better time than now.  What’s going on outside is gonna go on outside.  You still get to choose how it goes for you inside!  

  • I’m going to break my silence. 
  • I’m going to shift where I post my content. 
  • I’m going to present the guidance that my spiritual is guiding me to share.  

I will be posting more content to Patreon and my website.  I invite you to join me in those places.  Social media no longer feels safe & I believe it is contributing to the division in our society.  

Head held high, Balance oil applied, here I go!!! 

Healing And Completion

Intuitively I feel like it’s a good time to offer some healing & completion methods for you folks.  Coaches are not healers, however, healing and completion are certainly a part of the process of growth.  

I have begun studying Reiki energy healing and am currently learning this for myself.  I will progress in the courses & be able to fear Reiki energy healing as an additional service.  

Below are a list of practices I have learned & used over the years of my coach training.  For a full description of these or guided support please head to Patreon “Read More” for an audio file.  Or, you may contact me directly for a support call.  

Healing & Completion practices

-3 Letter series

-Fuck You letters

-Practice self Forgiveness

-Specific Guided Meditations

-Essential Oils,  Crystals & Spiritual tokens

-Coach or Healing Practitioners. 

This time to heal

What has me pick this time to present healing?  Because we are all experiencing a pretty good amount of drastic disruption in our lives.  When there is disruption, there’s an opportunity for old wounds to surface.  When there is disruption & several planets in retrograde there are many wounds and emotions surfacing at one end.  

You might be tempted to beat yourself up, be disappointed with yourself.  Or, maybe you are angry at others or fearful for others or the situation.  There’s so many avenues the energy could be presenting for you.  And it is just that…it’s presenting for you.  

My invitation is that you lean in to. The emotions & energies, the wouldn’t, the healing and simply allow them to be healed.  Allow the energy to move through your body and come out!  

Know that there is support.  Whether through me as a coach or a coaching referral.  

**Please support by donating to: paypal.me/coachEllen1979. (Link below may not work). Thank you in advance!

Effortless Joy

I’m going to let this weekends social media posts do some talking for me: 


From an achy body to earinhearing the pain

Just over 10 years ago I was in so much physical & mental pain I could barely function.  I remember spending days in bed because moving seemed out of reach.  

“I can’t imagine functioning today”. I can remember myself saying.  I wanted to function, do the projects I said I was gonna do.  But I couldn’t find it within me because my body ached or my mental state was in to much pain to do tasks. 

Within the last few years I’ve opened up to the idea that my body and my brain have messages for me to hear.  It hurts for a reason.  Maybe it’s a legit injury but sometimes it’s unexplainable pain.  

How many of you can relate to unexplainable pain? 

As I embark on the next level up of my energetic healing journey I am very present to the days when I could not imagine getting out of bed, to now when I follow the flow of my own energy.  I embrace & empower the energy of my being.  I empower restful days and focused task completion days similarly knowing that my body & brain know what they need in each moment.  

What is your response when your being asks for a rest day? Do you force yourself forward, or listen to it’s message?  What is your interpretation of an unexplained pain? Do you slow down and hear it, or rush into traeating it to return to life? None of these questions is to make you right or wrong, but to simply create awareness.  

I love you dear followers.  


How to hire a coach

I have been working with life coaches for most of the last 10 years.  In 2017-18 I became a trained leadership coach.  During that program I also experienced my own transformative coaching.  It was likely the most consistent coaching I had ever taken on.

In 2019, when I bought my 1-way ticket to California I knew support was required.  I hired a coach who was from the Midwest.& had also moved to CA.  I hired her because she was where I wanted to be.  For several months she supported my massive transition from midwesterner to west coaster!  It was 1 hell of an amazing journey.  

In December I was feeling a bit lost, I had not been hired for a job I really wanted and was very disappointed!  I knew 2020 was gonna be a crazy year.  I studied Astrology & had been working with my own body energy.  I wanted a coach who was doing all of that.  I asked around and everyone had the same answer for the best Coach for me.  I am still working with her as a coach & am about to start training in Reiki with her.  

So,  how do you hire a coach?  Find a person who aligns with where you want to go.  Want a higher position in your company, find a leadership coach familiar with that process.  Want to fall in love with your life unconditionally, find a person with so much joy it makes you ask if they’re ever down! Haha.  Want to write a book? Want to learn about Universal life energy? Whatever you are looking to strive for in your life, that’s the type of Coach you should hire.  

I am a coach and if you are looking to experience love, joy and self acceptance on a whole different level…I am your person!!  Because here I am with Stay at Home orders in Arizona the absolute happiest I’ve ever fucking been!!    

I love you, I love me and I love this life I chose!  

For those of you who have known me awhile I do not hide my physical pain nor have I ever hidden my mental illness/depression pain.  I continue to experience both to some degree, but I wanted to share these messages to convey that my joy & happiness now outweighs the pain I have experienced most of my life.  

I’m choosing to write this as an illustration.  We are all shifting internally through this time & space.  I know I have made some massive progress in my being just in the past month.  

Here are a few practices I have honed in on throughout the last couple of months. 

Daily prayer, meditation & quiet time. 

Extremely limited media consumption. 

Extremely limited TV/movie watching. 

Read books more. 

Creative projects more. 

Walk outside more, especially in the grass. 

Support my healthy immune system. 

And so much more. 

What I’m present to in that list is how most of them support my own internal being.  I invite you to look within.  As everyone is shifting, it’s a good time to just be with yourself so that being with others wherever they are in this is a bit easier.  

I think I will leave it here.  There’s a million more things I could say about this time & space.  But I’ll end with my own level of joy. A level I worked extra hard to achieve, but a level that in the last months has seemed effortless to attain.  

**1 final note, during the composition of this blog post a bonus piece of greatness came into my space!! My joy, happiness & gratitude have never been this consistently high. **

Guided Meditation

Graphic for guided meditation on sarawaggle.com, FB Group: Fulfill Your Heart, sewcoaching@gmail.com & a pic of me wearing a yellow patterned dress with jacket & a medium purple sun hat.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in and enjoyed the journaling series.  I certainly enjoyed the experience for myself.  

What I’ve been practicing

I’ve been practicing listening to my instincts and going with them.  For the journaling series this meant listening for the first response I received after asking for the guidance.  I was able to quickly discern exactly what Spirit Guides wanted you to journal about each day.  

Future of the meditation & journaling? 

I have figured out how to add audio files to my website.  I will be posting a guided meditation there.  My intention is that you will be able to access the guided meditation and use it to discern your own journal prompt.  I will post the link to the audio file in the Facebook group Fulfill Your Heart.  I may continue to do some live there while I determine a flow for uploading to the website.  

What do you need to continue with meditation & journaling? 

Whatever you want.  If it serves your to keep up your current journaling method, keep doing that.  You may want to grow into a meditation set up in your home.  This can be similar to a reading corner, or just a quiet corner in your home with comfortable items.  Pillows, blankets, yoga equipment, stones/crystal/prayer pieces and so on.  Your meditation & journaling space looks however you say it looks.  

Thank you to everyone who has participated in and enjoyed the journaling series.  I certainly enjoyed the experience for myself.  

What I’ve been practicing

I’ve been practicing listening to my instincts and going with them.  For the journaling series this meant listening for the first response I received after asking for the guidance.  I was able to quickly discern exactly what Spirit Guides wanted you to journal about each day.  

Future of the meditation & journaling? 

I have figured out how to add audio files to my website.  I will be posting a guided meditation there.  My intention is that you will be able to access the guided meditation and use it to discern your own journal prompt.  I will post the link to the audio file in the Facebook group Fulfill Your Heart.  I may continue to do some live there while I determine a flow for uploading to the website.  

What do you need to continue with meditation & journaling? 

Whatever you want.  If it serves your to keep up your current journaling method, keep doing that.  You may want to grow into a meditation set up in your home.  This can be similar to a reading corner, or just a quiet corner in your home with comfortable items.  Pillows, blankets, yoga equipment, stones/crystal/prayer pieces and so on.  Your meditation & journaling space looks however you say it looks.  

Other services I have for you

1:1 Support Session:  This is a 1 time session designed to offer you support.  whether you are just looking to get your feelings out and get some guidance, or you are looking to start a new project.  This session is here just for you.  

More programs coming soon!!

Questions?  Contact me

E-mail: sewcoaching@gmail.com

Journaling Series

How are you feeling throughout all this?  

Is anything coming up for you around this lockdown and isolation 

Things are spiking up for me like crazy.  I want to keep providing opportunities for you during all of this.  

I have mentioned journaling and meditation multiple times to lots of different people.  It occurs to me then, that I should step up my own journaling game! 

I’m going to offer a 7 day journaling series.  

What is the 7 day journaling series? 

For 7 days straight I will come live in my Facebook group and give you a journaling prompt.  I will get this prompt from my morning meditation.  I often receive prompts from spirit guides during meditation and now I will be sharing them with you.  

What will I need to participate? 

A way of writing.  However this works for you.  I use a word processing program, you can use electronic writing or paper & pen or Braille or whatever supports you.  No one will e watching you journal so there’s no judgement.  

Where can I get the daily prompts? 

For right now I will post them on Facebook & instagram.  I plan to evolve this project to support a wider availability.  However,  if you are interested & not on social media we can work something out.  Please respond to me and ask me to provide an alternative for you.  

Wednesday April 15.  I will start with a 7 days stretch and move forward from there.  

Please let me know if you have questions or need support.  

Holy Shifts!!

Holy shifts!  I’ve been feeling so many different emotions and levels of energy.  Do you feel it?  What does it feel like to you?  Confusing? Roller Coaster? Peaks & valleys?  What’s coming up for you during this stretch of time?  

I want to be a support for you or anyone you know who is experiencing some shifts in energy and would like to let it out.  

First of all and read this again if you desire- Wherever you are experiencing with the energy is OK!- go read that again.  You are where you are meant to be with the energy and processing though it.  

It can process in so many ways and it’s completely different for everyone.  For some it may be sick to their stomach, some it may show up as confusion, others it may show up as anger.  However it’s showing up for you or anyone else is completely OK as we are all humans and experience everything differently.  There is no right or wrong way.  

A few pointers: 

Slow down & get quiet:  There’s a lot of pressure to be productive, but that doesn’t mean you must follow the crowd.  It’s absolutely perfect if you give yourself permission to slow down and just be in the moment.  

Journal and meditation:  Write down the experiences you are having in the moment.  Journaling not only helps you process but also gets stuff out of your system so more stuff can surface from you.  Meditation is simply a means to get quiet.  And if you are wondering the difference between prayer and meditation is: Prayer is asking for the things, meditation is listening for the response.  

Self care: Be kind and graceful to yourself.  If your sleeping is off,  exercise is off or ntutrition is off it’s all good.  Comfort food is the best when your emotions are all over the place.  

My offer to you and anyone you know: 

I’m making myself readily available for anyone who needs support.  This is a 60 minute call with me to just be wherever you need to be with this situation.  I will be here to hold space for you to let everything out.  Or, if you’re looking to start a new project, I’ve got space for that as well.  

The thing about the fee?

I’m not going to set a price tag on this call.  I want you to pay me the value you feel you received from our session.  I am going to set a minimum of $25 for a 1 hour session.  Please feel free to share this with anyone who you feel would benefit from it.  

Contact me: 

E-mail: sewcoaching@gmail.com

Phone: 7733697272

What’s Coming Up

For the last several years we have become a society of nonstop information and consuming.  We’ve been so connected though that we have disconnected as a collective.  

And now here we are most of us in quarantine.  Our stores have bare shelves, Our community services locations are closed, no sports, no concerts and we are left to our own sources at home.  

What is being revealed to us? 

What can we create from this? 

A few thoughts to ponder:

-Think about our supply chains, where do we get those items that magically appear in the store? 

-Think about choosing alternatives. 

-Discover the talents & gifts of those around you. 

What about all the feelings and emotions that are surfacing?  

What feelings are you experiencing?  

Anxiety? Anticipation? Anger? Sadness? 

Feelings are good.  They are something we experience as humans but that do not define us.  Feelings come in contrasting form: Anger/happiness, Sadness/joy, Anxiety/Anticipation.  To experience 1, you must experience the other.  Embrace the emotions that you are feeling right now.  You are safe at home, in no rush to get anywhere.  Take the opportunity to feel into what your body is experiencing.  

I want to share 1 more piece of info with you.  Light workers. 

Lightworkers are those with intuition & empathic capabilities that are available to support others in processing emotions and healing.  I have stated before that I’m not a trained healer, however, I am able to support individuals in processing through emotions.  

Already & in the near future people are going to be learning and exposed to some deep energy on this planet.  I want my audience to know that I am here to support you through what’s coming up.  I invite you to share this with those you know who maybe looking to be supported through this exposure.  Whether you need to just let our some anger, sadness or frustration or you are ready to make some shifts in your life.  Lightworkers can guide you through the process.  

I know it seems like a really ugly situation on the surface currently, but rest assured God/Universe/Divine are watching over us and we shall embrace our faith and trust the plan that’s unfolding beneath the surface.  

Please feel free to contact me:

Phone: 7733697272

E-mail: sewcoaching@gmail.com

Fulfill Your Heart

I am on a journey that is bigger than me, this I’ve known since I acknowledged the nudge to move to California.  I remember telling my Coach, there’s something out there that I need to know about.  I had no idea what it was.  But I knew it was bigger than me.  I knew my mission and purpose are bigger than me.  But in my soul I know it’s something I can build the foundation for and create.  

In that single paragraph I could take this post in 100 directions.  I want to keep this somewhat concise.  I have wanted to build a national nonprofit for awhile now.  I created a facebook group before leaving Chicago that is geared to connect everything available for the blind/low vision in the Chicagoland area and to support participants in attending.  I knew when I created this group that I only wanted to broaden it some day.  

The day has come!  I have now created another Facebook group to build a supportive community for those who are functionally independent and who would like the support of others in a community setting.  The new group is nationwide and will support those who are physically and mentally disabled.  

the common denominators:  What I’ve been present to in my travels is that there are some similarities across this country.  It’s my belief that we as a collective ought to work together. To support each other rather than acting as individuals.  Collectively we all deal with homelessness in some way.  Collectively we all encounter those with disabilities.  Collectively we can each provide something for others.  

I know you who is victim to your disability

I’ve been you.

I know you with unexplainable joint pain.

I’ve been you 

I know you with demons in your head you cannot seem to shut up. 

I’ve been you.

I still have my moments and work to be conscious of how I choose to be in this world..  I want you to know that I am here, holding space for you with an open heart to hear your cries.  I also want you to know that there is a soul within you that has put you here at this time and in this space for a purpose.  

Everything happens  FOR YOU

Everything is IN YOUR FAVOR


The Facebook group is available to you and anyone who has a tangible goal or who is willing to support others in reaching their goals.  Please join it, share. It.  

(Note Facebook is a convenient platform but I acknowledge it does not serve everyone.  I’m searching for & accepting recommendations for a more suitable platform.)


Healing Breakthrough

DISCLAIMER:  As a Leadership Coach I am not a trained healer.  I am a trained Ontological Leadership Coach.  While healing is a part of the process of personal development properly trained healing professionals (Psychotherapist, Reikki, etc) would be recommended.  

I’ve often heard personal development referred to as peeling back layers of an onion.  As you peel back layers there’s work to do before you can grow through that layer to get to the next.  Here’s some breakdown to understanding the process.  

You might have heard the phrase “To get to your next level, a different version of you is required”.  The truth of this is that you cannot become a better version if you hang on to the you you are right now.  

As you peel back layers to become the next version of you, you may find some wounds that will become a boundary for you.  Taking on healing through those wounds may be required in order to work past the boundary.  

Healing may includebut is certainly not limited to: 


?Inner child work

?Spiritual healing

When you heal a wound you break the cycle of that boundary.  At that point you are able to move forward to another layer.  

Over time there may still be confrontations or triggers.  These are events or people who bring up those old feelings or lessons.  How you respond to those triggers is what guides you to growth or keeps you where you are.  Either is an ok place to be.  

To make any kind of growth takes a lot of practice.  So, have compassion and go easy on yourself if it takes a few tries to learn the response you want that serves you.  

The more I do this Coaching work, the more I believe that how relationships go and how my health goes and how my peace of mind goes is entirely my choice and what responses I have to situations.  I made the biggest breakthrough in this last weekend.  

On Sunday I was totally confronted by an idea that crushed me, it made

 me angry & sad that someone could deny me something that is a necessity in my life.  While still angry & sad over this confrontation I found out that I was going to have a visit with my Dad.  I don’t have the best relationship with him.  I immediately turned to my coach and we dove in!  I acknowledged my emotions and gave them space.  I spoke to my inner child and comforted her.  I acknowledged my body’s responses to the anger and sadness & to the visit ahead.  With my Coach to support me, I was able to work through the emotions, comfort my inner child, and be centered & grounded heading into meeting up with my Dad.  

The visit with my Dad went well and I didn’t even know what to do with the joy that I had from having a good visit.  I broke my cycle and I was grateful to myself for doing the work to make that happen.  

I carried that high vibing energy with me throughout the week.  I cooked great food all week, I got in 5 days of workouts, I celebrated my Mom for removing clutter and I celebrated with my family all in 1 place for lunch to celebrate mine & my brothers birthdays!  

I want to invite you to take on growth and healing.  It’s totally messy and murky in the moment, it’s emotional, vulnerable and far from glamorous.  But on the other side is Beautiful.  

Returning home is a fear I chose to face head on.  Processing through the healing and seeing my town and my family from my current head space and having my coach to support me through the healing and leveling up process has been game changing for me.  I saw how powerful I can be in this world for myself and others.  Confronting and embracing our fears can be scary and oftentimes we avoid them.  However, to become the next level of you, facing your fears is required.  

As a trained leadership coach, I am here to support you in facing your fear whatever they may be.  I’m here to support you in getting to the next level of you.  As a leadership coach, it’s my gift to offer others to grow, evolve and embrace the best version of themself!  

Welcome Back


It has been a whirlwind of a start to 2020!  

I’ve relocated back to southern IL where my family lives.  I did this on a nudge from the Universe.  As soon as I had the idea I was immediately in tears!  It’s always been an option but I’ve resisted it for various reasons.  

This time I took the nudge.  

I conquered so many fears in California:

  • Heights
  • No financial safety net
  • fitness challenges

But my biggest fear has been coming back home and being trapped here!  It was not a life I intended to live.  Here I am to try this life on for size.  

I have many plans and intentions and lots of opportunities near and far to continue exploring.  

Welcome back to me and to my blog and to my newsletter.  Thanks for your patience during my hiatus.  

Stay tuned for upcoming posts!  


I’ve always believed that the opposite of depression is not happiness.  Maybe it’s because for a very long time I thought I could not be happy.  But simultaneously, every time I’d cry or have an emotion besides being happy I was shut down for it.  

I’ve continued to do lots of research and reading on depression.  Some I agree with and resonates with me.  I will reference some sources here and give you links below.  

Depression as a Messenger

Until recently I had the perspective That depression was this demon that I couldn’t escape from.  I’d spend days in bed because I couldn’t fight the demon.  

I then listened an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast where he interviewed a psychiatrist who no longer prescribes antidepressants.  Kelly Brogan shifted my perspective about depression.  She talked about using depression as a guide to determine what is missing in someone’s life.  For me for years I was “missing” a partner/husband/family and was feeling guilty and painfully lonely for not having this piece in my life.  

I cannot really tell you when I started to shift my perspective about not having a husband/kids or even what my first thoughts were that gave me space for the shift.  I can say that somehow I acknowledged myself for being motherly to many children & pets and being a supportive woman to men and women.  This shift in thinking allowed me to release the loneliness and the pain of being on my own.  

I also started practicing gratitude for what I did have in my life.  This lead to a practice in receiving.  I would practice saying Thank You to the sunshine, the green plants, the bus arriving in a timely manner, the hot showers, etc.  As for practicing receiving, well, I’d receive the gift of an open door, a seat offered to me and ny other gift being offered.  I’d receive the gift with gratitude.  

While I still have days where I allow space for depression to simply be, most days I’m functional and active.  

The opposite of Depression

Whether you believe it or not, the opposite of depression is not happiness.  Nope!  Somehow I’ve known this for some time.  I’m currently reading a book called Undoing Depression by Richard O’Connor.  In the book he states that the opposite of depression is allow emotions.  This makes complete sense.  As I mentioned above I was encouraged to suppress sadness or crying.  As I’ve learned to allow emotions including sadness, grieving processes and allow tears whenever they fall, I’ve noticed that I feel much better overall.  

I learned in my Coaches training program with Accomplishment Coaching that feelings happen but they do not define us.  However, if we don’t let feelings out they tend to fester.  Therefore, if we are feeling sadness or anger or moving through a process of emotions, it’s ok to just let those emotions be and experience them.  Know in your heart and mind that those emotions do not define you.  

The opposite of depression is to feel every emotion.  

My New Perspective on Depression

My perspective on depression is in a state of growth & shift.  The more I educate myself on it the more I understand it the more I can take charge of  it.  I used to use it as a tool to blame for how I was being.  Now, I own it and take charge of it.  As I stated above I still have days when I allow it to just be, but those are fewer and fewer all the time.  

I’ve learned that I am best when I allow emotions to be.  I am best when I explore creativity sometimes first thing in the morning.  I do well when I spend lots of time outside.  I sleep best when I use calming oils and calming sounds with no lit screen.  I feel good physically when I take time for movement and consciously choose my nutrition.  I practice self forgiveness and allow human mistakes without judgement or criticism from myself.  

All of these practices took me choosing to work them.  The’ end developed over time.  And I continue to develop more practices.  

This is my practice of improving my depression.  I invite you to develop your own practices.  I invite you to reach out for support in getting clear on what will work for you.  The reason mine continue to grow & develop is because I learn new ways of being and I implement them to see how it goes.  Living a life of practicing emotions takes trial and error just like anything else.  


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2020 Phrase For the Year

For 2019  I chose my phrase to be “Drastically Different” and boy has this year been different.  

It is still surreal to me that I actually live in California.  It’s something I thought would never come true for me.  But, after plummeting temperatures and turning 40, I chose California!  I bought a 1-way ticket and here I still am!  I still have a roof over my head, clothing, new coat & food to eat on a regular basis.  Not to mention good people, regular family style meals and lots of home brewed beer!  I honestly could not have asked for anything more.  

I’ve hired a new coach who is also an Astrologer & Reiki Healer.  I chose this person with full intention.  I am present to energy leaks in my growth.  Energy leaks are those moments when you cannot make the shift to be how you choose to be because of some part of you or your history that requires healing.  In order to level up one must continue to heal and peal back more layers.  Sometimes the healing requires support.  I’ve had therapy, Reiki & other types of healing work to continue to level up in my growth and work.  I’m thrilled to be open to learning from this coach.  

I also know from studying astrology and from following what’s up in the world today that 2020 will be a year of significant change world wide.  2020 is also a summer Olympics year and I remember when the cycle of athletic preparation began.  

with all that and so much more I’ve put a lot of thought and meditation into what I want my phrase to be for 2020.  

Energetic Alignment

What do I want more than anything?  To share all that I’ve learned from several years of hiring coaches, coach & personal transformation education & lots of study into healing and growth.  

I want to educate, support and empower others to dive in!  I also want to work with other practitioners to combine our skill sets and create fun events.  

I want to continue fitness training.  I’m still after those 5k’s, and triathlons!  I continue to hone my nutrition and be attentive to what my body asks for.  

In the area of relationships: I will continue to broaden my community in the Bay Area.  I will be dating more and use my “Conditions of Satisfaction” to find a romantic relationship in 2020.  

So much to come in the next year, I am super pumped and thrilled to be starting the year in California.  I am empowered that I made my dream come true!  

I invite you to have some celebrations! What did you achieve in 2019?  What brought you joy this last year? 

And what will you create in 2020?  What will. Bring you joy?  

I’d also like to invite you to establish support for those things you’re up to.  Coaching is only 1 method of getting support to get after your joy.  I am here to support you with a whole new perspective and new services to provide! 

Set Your Stage 2020

Go For It! 2020

Go for what you want in this life! 

This post is all about you! You setting the stage for the life you truly desire.  There’s no reason to wait any longer.  Single, married, kids or no kids, what’s stopping you from the life you desire? 

In previous years I’ve chosen an annual theme or a monthly theme.  There’s no wrong way to choose how your year will shape up.  The idea is to create it your own way.  Create an annual theme or a monthly theme or a weekly theme or no theme at all!  I invite you to set this stage FOR YOU and set your intentions accordingly. 

Starting in 2016 and especially since 2017 I’ve taken on the work of Coaching/therapy and whatever else I’ve needed to heal my emotional wounds and to grow as the person Ive wanted to become.  It has not always been easy and I have resisted the healing & growth at times.  But it has all been worth it to now be living higher vibrationally than I ever could have imagined.  

I’m using the stage as a metaphor to illustrate that you have the power to create life the way you desire.  You have the power to choose the props, the people & and the pace at which you grow.  There will be scary times and that’s where support of a Coach or Therapist or Energy Specialist can come in for you.  Be open to receiving the support and create the life you desire.  

I’m inviting you to a 1:1 Set the Stage for 2020 session to support you in creating the stage you want to play on for 2020!  

Is it your time?  Are you ready to crate the stage for your life?  You only get this one life to live, Go For What You Want! 

Head over to the contact me page of this website to set up your session!  I’m so excited to support you! 

Be Your Bestie

Be Your Own Bestie

Whether you are single or in a relationship, taking on getting to know yourself can offfer a great deal to support you and your tribe in building a sustainable partnership.  If you get overwhelmed by your interests and cannot seem to find time for each of them, taking on getting to know yourself can support clarity in honing your interests.  I am interested in your feedback, please contact me with your comments or questions about my content. 

Get to know yourself,

Because here’s the deal, if you don’t know you how do you know what you want or need from others? 

Taking the time to get to know myself has been instrumental. In being able to attract my tribe.  I know how to ask for support and am gaining the ability to know who to ask for support from.  Some people offer different types of support. Getting to know myself also allows me to be with a variety of people.  I have many different interests & therefore spend chunks of time with different people to support those interests.  

I’ve honed in on my hobbies and interests, I’ve accepted myself in all aspects and I’ve given myself permission to be myself.  I managed all this by taking the time to get to know me.  

Go on “me dates”. 

I love going on me dates.  It’s an opportunity to not wait for a relationship to go on a date.  While I’d love this to be with someone special, 

I AM someone special 

YOU are someone special 

I treat myself to a nice dinner, or a special event or whatever. It fulfills my heart to acknowledge myself as someone who deserves a nice treat.  I don’t want to wait for a date to remind myself that I deserve the best treatment.  

Be compassionate to yourself. 

This is one great step to self reliance.  Being compassionate to yourself.  You are great at beating yourself up and cutting yourself down.  

Be great at giving yourself space to make mistakes and be ok.  

Be great at comforting yourself despite making mistakes.  Making mistakes is totally human and it’s all good.  Love yourself through those times.  

Be great at giving yourself permission to not have your shit together! 

I have learned that sometimes no one else can give me the compassion and empathy that I’m looking for.  I have practiced self compassion and self empathy.  While oftentimes it’s nice to have external compassion it is just as nice to be able to offer this to myself.  

Show yourself the same love you would your best friend

I was once challenged by a coach to say the things to myself that I would say to a friend.  If you would tel your friend to stop beating himself up over a mistake, then tell yourself the same thing.  

You absolutely deserve your own kindness. 

You absolutely deserve your own gratitude.  

You absolutely deserve your own grace.  

Take a moment and reflect on how you are to your friends.  Then think of yourself as your best friend! 

My invitation is that you take on treating yourself as your own best friend.  What are the kinds of treats you would give her?  What are the types of outings you would take her on?  What types of interests and hobbies would ignite her energies?  Journal about what comes up for you when you take on the practice of being your own bestie.  

My Self Talk

Top phrases  I say to myself frequently

The phrases below derived from my desire to be more responsible & take ownership of my life.  They also follow the Law of Attraction.  When I put these phrases into practice in any circumstance or situation suddenly, I can understand the lesson behind the circumstance.  It sometimes takes awhile, because my humanity does not want to see it immediately.  Ultimately though, I have been able to use these phrases to recenter myself in most circumstances.  

Phrase I say:  Gratitude

When do I say it?:  When a situation seemingly appears all bad/wrong.  

 Find the gratitude when the shit hits the fan I say to myself out loud, “What’s the Gratitude”. I repeat this question until I can list at least 1 piece of gratitude for the circumstance.  

It’s totally easy to find complaints and negativity about a situation.  It’s sometimes stretching to find something to be grateful for.  However, many personal development and motivational speakers mention that gratitude has a physiological effect on you.  Gratitude can improve so much of your brain, heart and soul.  

Sometimes. My gratitude is even…I missed that train or bus because I was meant to avoid the other humans on it.  

Phrase I say:  The Universe is always working in my favor. 

When do I say it?:  When a situation does not go the way I wanted or planned.

This is something I say when things are not going the way I expected or the way I worked for them to go.  I repeat out loud that the Universe is working in my favor.  This is definitely not  easy to digest and I often don’t want to believe it in the midst of the circumstance.  But it honestly supports shifting my thoughts.  

In 2018 I started training judo for the National tournament.  I showed up at several practices per week.  I prepared for the tournament, but I didn’t plan for the logistics.  I ended up not competing.  I was so disappointed as I had spent a good amount of energy & time preparing for the tournament. This was a difficult time to remind myself that everything works in my favor!  That there was a reason why I ended up not competing that year.  

More than a year later and I’m living in California & not even training judo currently.  I love it and miss it but it’s simply not in the deck right now and I’m good with that!  

Phrase I say:   Life is happening for me not to me.  

When do I say it?”  When I’m feeling like a victim.  

Life is happening to me is the ultimate victim phrase.  “Why is this “insert bad circumstance” happening to me?”  Or “Why does this always happen to me?”  

The answers to both are that these circumstances are not happening to you, they are happening for you to learn from them.  That sucks to hear when it’s something like an illness but if you start shifting your thoughts you will begin to see the lesson that’s in it.  

I’ll use depression here.  My thoughts were often: why is this happening to me?”  And all sorts of other negativity about life.  I educated myself and heard something from Kelly Brogan about depression being a symptom as opposed to the actual thing.  

Therefore: “depression is happening FOR me”.  What?? Why the hell would depression be happening for me?  It’s making me. Miserable!  It’s making me feel like complete crap!  

But if I shift my thoughts to define depression as a symptom rather than the thing happening to me, it’s the symptom happening for me!  

I’ve enjoyed writing this piece!  It gave me space to be authentic about the practices I have in place for myself.  I encourage you & invite you to shift some of the ways you talk to yourself.  Empower yourself with your thoughts & words.  Say things out loud just to wrap your head around them.  And if you find you need support, ask for it.  I invite you to reach out to me anytime you have questions or if something comes up for you while taking on something new.  New practices can get messy, it’s perfectly OK!  

Don’t Believe Everything You Think

I woke up one morning with thoughts in my head.  1 was that my friend lived off of a specific train stop, the other that anyone working in a certain industry were not active.  These thoughts specifically were challenged that morning.  And I laughed out loud at the example right in front of me.  

  • These thoughts I had were unproven judgements.
  • These thoughts were very solid in my brain. 
  • These thoughts were incorrect. 

The idea of *Don’t believe everything you think* came at me like a freight train.  Granted these 2 assumptions are small by comparison.  But isn’t this how stereotypes and generalizations start?  Because someone believes a thought and brings it to light.  

The very first piece to growth is getting conscious of our thoughts. 

Your beliefs become your thoughts, 

Your thoughts become your words, 

Your words become your actions, 

Your actions become your habits, 

Your habits become your values, 

Your values become your destiny.”


We all have innate beliefs that control how we interact with the world around us.  This is just in your brain.  Your brain is your human ego full of fears and anxieties of what your soul knows to be truth.  

Here’s your power

At any given moment you possess the power to choose your thoughts.  You can be more open to whatever you desire.  Instead of generalizing or having a conclusive thought, be ok with being wrong.  

  • It is my belief that anyone is capable of shifting their thoughts about anything.  
  • It is my belief that anyone is capable of shifting their way of being about anything at any time.  
  • It is my belief that anyone is capable of anything at any time.  
  • It is my belief that anyone can shift their way of believing about anything at any time.  

I invite you to check in with your thoughts.  Obviously, you won’t change them all in a moment but you can get aware of them and begin to shift them little by little.  I invite you to consider shifting just 1 area of thought and see how it goes for you.  

With love