Energetic Flow

I’ve been in a large practice of really flowing with my energy & neglecting time.  

There are a few pieces to write here.  I’ll leave it to my spirit guides to give me the words to express to you.  

Back story

I grew up in a farm type family.  Most family members woke up between 5:30 & 7 am.  They either had household chores or had a day job.  None of my cousins took naps, just me or my brothers.  And when we did rest people would call us lazy.  As adults my brothers have mostly worked nights.  They have both preferred it because they could either sleep or tackle their hobbies during the day.  Yes, this sometimes meant some pretty weird sleep deprivation for them, but they seem to like it.  

I personally, have often worked day jobs and have struggled to even enjoy them.  I never enjoyed commuting, I am not a morning person and would frequently get in trouble for falling asleep mid afternoon.  

All the while I had it in my head that I was all kinds of bad things if I wanted to do life any other way.  I was lazy or whatever else.  

Fast forward

here I am in Arizona, the oven of the US.  While most of the area has reopened, I’m still spending a lot of time at home.  

I decided to simply flow with my energy instead of beating myself for whatever time of day it is.  The practice is multi faceted.  

It’s a practice of self kindness & compassion.  

It’s a practice of energy flow.  

It’s a practice of leaning into the astrology going on.  

It’s a practice of learning to communicate with my Angels & spirit guides.  

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As it turns out, I work better later in the day or even into the night hours.  I sometimes still work early in the morning & might split my day and work another few hours at night.  

What I like about this is it allows me to fully embrace where I am in the moment.  

As a Coach seeking clients, I love that this will open me up to receiving creative, spiritual  clients who may also be on an energy flow routine.  What I’m present to with routine Is that instead of forcing myself awake early in the morning.  I wake up more naturally, I routine right into my day.  I have coffee & a meal.  I have items that I have selected to work on for the day.  I give give time frames for them. Instead of saying from 9-10 I’m going to work on this project.  I say I’m going to work on that project for 1 hour.  I do sometimes set a timer.  

When we are taught at a young age that something is a certain way, we criticize ourselves for that thing.  I had been taught that sleeping any way other than at night was a bad thing.  I was criticized and teased for napping.  

Yes, I nap a lot, yes I sleep unconventional hours.  AND I am very productive during the times I am awake.  

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