Healing Breakthrough

DISCLAIMER:  As a Leadership Coach I am not a trained healer.  I am a trained Ontological Leadership Coach.  While healing is a part of the process of personal development properly trained healing professionals (Psychotherapist, Reikki, etc) would be recommended.  

I’ve often heard personal development referred to as peeling back layers of an onion.  As you peel back layers there’s work to do before you can grow through that layer to get to the next.  Here’s some breakdown to understanding the process.  

You might have heard the phrase “To get to your next level, a different version of you is required”.  The truth of this is that you cannot become a better version if you hang on to the you you are right now.  

As you peel back layers to become the next version of you, you may find some wounds that will become a boundary for you.  Taking on healing through those wounds may be required in order to work past the boundary.  

Healing may includebut is certainly not limited to: 


?Inner child work

?Spiritual healing

When you heal a wound you break the cycle of that boundary.  At that point you are able to move forward to another layer.  

Over time there may still be confrontations or triggers.  These are events or people who bring up those old feelings or lessons.  How you respond to those triggers is what guides you to growth or keeps you where you are.  Either is an ok place to be.  

To make any kind of growth takes a lot of practice.  So, have compassion and go easy on yourself if it takes a few tries to learn the response you want that serves you.  

The more I do this Coaching work, the more I believe that how relationships go and how my health goes and how my peace of mind goes is entirely my choice and what responses I have to situations.  I made the biggest breakthrough in this last weekend.  

On Sunday I was totally confronted by an idea that crushed me, it made

 me angry & sad that someone could deny me something that is a necessity in my life.  While still angry & sad over this confrontation I found out that I was going to have a visit with my Dad.  I don’t have the best relationship with him.  I immediately turned to my coach and we dove in!  I acknowledged my emotions and gave them space.  I spoke to my inner child and comforted her.  I acknowledged my body’s responses to the anger and sadness & to the visit ahead.  With my Coach to support me, I was able to work through the emotions, comfort my inner child, and be centered & grounded heading into meeting up with my Dad.  

The visit with my Dad went well and I didn’t even know what to do with the joy that I had from having a good visit.  I broke my cycle and I was grateful to myself for doing the work to make that happen.  

I carried that high vibing energy with me throughout the week.  I cooked great food all week, I got in 5 days of workouts, I celebrated my Mom for removing clutter and I celebrated with my family all in 1 place for lunch to celebrate mine & my brothers birthdays!  

I want to invite you to take on growth and healing.  It’s totally messy and murky in the moment, it’s emotional, vulnerable and far from glamorous.  But on the other side is Beautiful.  

Returning home is a fear I chose to face head on.  Processing through the healing and seeing my town and my family from my current head space and having my coach to support me through the healing and leveling up process has been game changing for me.  I saw how powerful I can be in this world for myself and others.  Confronting and embracing our fears can be scary and oftentimes we avoid them.  However, to become the next level of you, facing your fears is required.  

As a trained leadership coach, I am here to support you in facing your fear whatever they may be.  I’m here to support you in getting to the next level of you.  As a leadership coach, it’s my gift to offer others to grow, evolve and embrace the best version of themself!  

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