Fulfill Your Heart

I am on a journey that is bigger than me, this I’ve known since I acknowledged the nudge to move to California.  I remember telling my Coach, there’s something out there that I need to know about.  I had no idea what it was.  But I knew it was bigger than me.  I knew my mission and purpose are bigger than me.  But in my soul I know it’s something I can build the foundation for and create.  

In that single paragraph I could take this post in 100 directions.  I want to keep this somewhat concise.  I have wanted to build a national nonprofit for awhile now.  I created a facebook group before leaving Chicago that is geared to connect everything available for the blind/low vision in the Chicagoland area and to support participants in attending.  I knew when I created this group that I only wanted to broaden it some day.  

The day has come!  I have now created another Facebook group to build a supportive community for those who are functionally independent and who would like the support of others in a community setting.  The new group is nationwide and will support those who are physically and mentally disabled.  

the common denominators:  What I’ve been present to in my travels is that there are some similarities across this country.  It’s my belief that we as a collective ought to work together. To support each other rather than acting as individuals.  Collectively we all deal with homelessness in some way.  Collectively we all encounter those with disabilities.  Collectively we can each provide something for others.  

I know you who is victim to your disability

I’ve been you.

I know you with unexplainable joint pain.

I’ve been you 

I know you with demons in your head you cannot seem to shut up. 

I’ve been you.

I still have my moments and work to be conscious of how I choose to be in this world..  I want you to know that I am here, holding space for you with an open heart to hear your cries.  I also want you to know that there is a soul within you that has put you here at this time and in this space for a purpose.  

Everything happens  FOR YOU

Everything is IN YOUR FAVOR


The Facebook group is available to you and anyone who has a tangible goal or who is willing to support others in reaching their goals.  Please join it, share. It.  

(Note Facebook is a convenient platform but I acknowledge it does not serve everyone.  I’m searching for & accepting recommendations for a more suitable platform.)


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