What’s Coming Up

For the last several years we have become a society of nonstop information and consuming.  We’ve been so connected though that we have disconnected as a collective.  

And now here we are most of us in quarantine.  Our stores have bare shelves, Our community services locations are closed, no sports, no concerts and we are left to our own sources at home.  

What is being revealed to us? 

What can we create from this? 

A few thoughts to ponder:

-Think about our supply chains, where do we get those items that magically appear in the store? 

-Think about choosing alternatives. 

-Discover the talents & gifts of those around you. 

What about all the feelings and emotions that are surfacing?  

What feelings are you experiencing?  

Anxiety? Anticipation? Anger? Sadness? 

Feelings are good.  They are something we experience as humans but that do not define us.  Feelings come in contrasting form: Anger/happiness, Sadness/joy, Anxiety/Anticipation.  To experience 1, you must experience the other.  Embrace the emotions that you are feeling right now.  You are safe at home, in no rush to get anywhere.  Take the opportunity to feel into what your body is experiencing.  

I want to share 1 more piece of info with you.  Light workers. 

Lightworkers are those with intuition & empathic capabilities that are available to support others in processing emotions and healing.  I have stated before that I’m not a trained healer, however, I am able to support individuals in processing through emotions.  

Already & in the near future people are going to be learning and exposed to some deep energy on this planet.  I want my audience to know that I am here to support you through what’s coming up.  I invite you to share this with those you know who maybe looking to be supported through this exposure.  Whether you need to just let our some anger, sadness or frustration or you are ready to make some shifts in your life.  Lightworkers can guide you through the process.  

I know it seems like a really ugly situation on the surface currently, but rest assured God/Universe/Divine are watching over us and we shall embrace our faith and trust the plan that’s unfolding beneath the surface.  

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