Set Your Stage 2020

Go For It! 2020

Go for what you want in this life! 

This post is all about you! You setting the stage for the life you truly desire.  There’s no reason to wait any longer.  Single, married, kids or no kids, what’s stopping you from the life you desire? 

In previous years I’ve chosen an annual theme or a monthly theme.  There’s no wrong way to choose how your year will shape up.  The idea is to create it your own way.  Create an annual theme or a monthly theme or a weekly theme or no theme at all!  I invite you to set this stage FOR YOU and set your intentions accordingly. 

Starting in 2016 and especially since 2017 I’ve taken on the work of Coaching/therapy and whatever else I’ve needed to heal my emotional wounds and to grow as the person Ive wanted to become.  It has not always been easy and I have resisted the healing & growth at times.  But it has all been worth it to now be living higher vibrationally than I ever could have imagined.  

I’m using the stage as a metaphor to illustrate that you have the power to create life the way you desire.  You have the power to choose the props, the people & and the pace at which you grow.  There will be scary times and that’s where support of a Coach or Therapist or Energy Specialist can come in for you.  Be open to receiving the support and create the life you desire.  

I’m inviting you to a 1:1 Set the Stage for 2020 session to support you in creating the stage you want to play on for 2020!  

Is it your time?  Are you ready to crate the stage for your life?  You only get this one life to live, Go For What You Want! 

Head over to the contact me page of this website to set up your session!  I’m so excited to support you! 

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