Healing And Completion

Intuitively I feel like it’s a good time to offer some healing & completion methods for you folks.  Coaches are not healers, however, healing and completion are certainly a part of the process of growth.  

I have begun studying Reiki energy healing and am currently learning this for myself.  I will progress in the courses & be able to fear Reiki energy healing as an additional service.  

Below are a list of practices I have learned & used over the years of my coach training.  For a full description of these or guided support please head to Patreon “Read More” for an audio file.  Or, you may contact me directly for a support call.  

Healing & Completion practices

-3 Letter series

-Fuck You letters

-Practice self Forgiveness

-Specific Guided Meditations

-Essential Oils,  Crystals & Spiritual tokens

-Coach or Healing Practitioners. 

This time to heal

What has me pick this time to present healing?  Because we are all experiencing a pretty good amount of drastic disruption in our lives.  When there is disruption, there’s an opportunity for old wounds to surface.  When there is disruption & several planets in retrograde there are many wounds and emotions surfacing at one end.  

You might be tempted to beat yourself up, be disappointed with yourself.  Or, maybe you are angry at others or fearful for others or the situation.  There’s so many avenues the energy could be presenting for you.  And it is just that…it’s presenting for you.  

My invitation is that you lean in to. The emotions & energies, the wouldn’t, the healing and simply allow them to be healed.  Allow the energy to move through your body and come out!  

Know that there is support.  Whether through me as a coach or a coaching referral.  

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