My Ego

It’s time for me to WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!  I’ve been sleeping and I am ready to make some shifts.  

My ego has been ruling me because I’ve been breaking up & shattering my previous beliefs systems.  My humanity got scared.  

This happens for all of us!  We all make some growth & then shift back into some old patterns because those old patterns feel safe.  Those old patterns are comfortable. Familiar.  

But to get where we wanna get in this life, we gotta break up with & shatter those old patters….AND THEN we gotta show them who’s boss!! 

And this has effected my business for far to long.  I’ve got a lot of knowledge, tools & structures to support you in getting after the life you want for yourself.  And what better time than now.  What’s going on outside is gonna go on outside.  You still get to choose how it goes for you inside!  

  • I’m going to break my silence. 
  • I’m going to shift where I post my content. 
  • I’m going to present the guidance that my spiritual is guiding me to share.  

I will be posting more content to Patreon and my website.  I invite you to join me in those places.  Social media no longer feels safe & I believe it is contributing to the division in our society.  

Head held high, Balance oil applied, here I go!!! 

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