My Self Talk

Top phrases  I say to myself frequently

The phrases below derived from my desire to be more responsible & take ownership of my life.  They also follow the Law of Attraction.  When I put these phrases into practice in any circumstance or situation suddenly, I can understand the lesson behind the circumstance.  It sometimes takes awhile, because my humanity does not want to see it immediately.  Ultimately though, I have been able to use these phrases to recenter myself in most circumstances.  

Phrase I say:  Gratitude

When do I say it?:  When a situation seemingly appears all bad/wrong.  

 Find the gratitude when the shit hits the fan I say to myself out loud, “What’s the Gratitude”. I repeat this question until I can list at least 1 piece of gratitude for the circumstance.  

It’s totally easy to find complaints and negativity about a situation.  It’s sometimes stretching to find something to be grateful for.  However, many personal development and motivational speakers mention that gratitude has a physiological effect on you.  Gratitude can improve so much of your brain, heart and soul.  

Sometimes. My gratitude is even…I missed that train or bus because I was meant to avoid the other humans on it.  

Phrase I say:  The Universe is always working in my favor. 

When do I say it?:  When a situation does not go the way I wanted or planned.

This is something I say when things are not going the way I expected or the way I worked for them to go.  I repeat out loud that the Universe is working in my favor.  This is definitely not  easy to digest and I often don’t want to believe it in the midst of the circumstance.  But it honestly supports shifting my thoughts.  

In 2018 I started training judo for the National tournament.  I showed up at several practices per week.  I prepared for the tournament, but I didn’t plan for the logistics.  I ended up not competing.  I was so disappointed as I had spent a good amount of energy & time preparing for the tournament. This was a difficult time to remind myself that everything works in my favor!  That there was a reason why I ended up not competing that year.  

More than a year later and I’m living in California & not even training judo currently.  I love it and miss it but it’s simply not in the deck right now and I’m good with that!  

Phrase I say:   Life is happening for me not to me.  

When do I say it?”  When I’m feeling like a victim.  

Life is happening to me is the ultimate victim phrase.  “Why is this “insert bad circumstance” happening to me?”  Or “Why does this always happen to me?”  

The answers to both are that these circumstances are not happening to you, they are happening for you to learn from them.  That sucks to hear when it’s something like an illness but if you start shifting your thoughts you will begin to see the lesson that’s in it.  

I’ll use depression here.  My thoughts were often: why is this happening to me?”  And all sorts of other negativity about life.  I educated myself and heard something from Kelly Brogan about depression being a symptom as opposed to the actual thing.  

Therefore: “depression is happening FOR me”.  What?? Why the hell would depression be happening for me?  It’s making me. Miserable!  It’s making me feel like complete crap!  

But if I shift my thoughts to define depression as a symptom rather than the thing happening to me, it’s the symptom happening for me!  

I’ve enjoyed writing this piece!  It gave me space to be authentic about the practices I have in place for myself.  I encourage you & invite you to shift some of the ways you talk to yourself.  Empower yourself with your thoughts & words.  Say things out loud just to wrap your head around them.  And if you find you need support, ask for it.  I invite you to reach out to me anytime you have questions or if something comes up for you while taking on something new.  New practices can get messy, it’s perfectly OK!  

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