During my session I felt a warm, tingling rush of energy in my left leg (which had been in pain), my cat came straight over to lay on that leg as I’m sure she sensed the energetic shift. The pain has been gone since. Sara is enjoyable and easy to talk to to make sure you get the most of of your session together  ~Ali

I felt really good during my reiki session with Becky. I felt energy pulsating through various parts of my body. My back was tight at the beginning, but relaxed at the end. It was a wonderful experience. ~Becky


This was a new and exciting experience. I did feel energy and reactions of muscles and such during our session I have severalI have several issues and typically when I am laying down I can see them in my eyes. But during this session they did not appear. I was very tense when I started but by the end my body and muscles had released tension. It was cool, every time I had a reaction or interruption Sara would react to that.A couple of times it felt like a pressure in a little hard to breathe. I was just so surprised to feel energy throughout my body and its movement. I am looking forward to a 60 minute session to find out how she can unclog and help me relieve stress points.  I have felt less pain in my eyes and body since our session a couple hours ago  ~Angela

Sara was wonderful in her work as a reiki practitioner!  She exudes a calm demeanor, explains the process, and I felt the energy as she worked on me via video (distance healing).  She truly is in tune to the areas where I felt struggles.  Definitely would see her again.    ~Tina